• Assurance & Risk

    In the public-sector, exemplary assurance and audit process are critical to maintaining end-user and stakeholder confidence. Our clients leverage Callida’s extensive experience in internal audit, ICT audit, fraud control, governance and risk management.

  • Business Process Automation & Management

    Callida works with clients across the public-sector to help automate business processes in order to increase efficiency and performance, whilst maintaining or reducing operational costs.

  • Financial Management

    We help government agencies improve the performance of their accounting and finance related functions. Our capabilities encompass all areas of financial accounting, management accounting, internal and external budgeting, costing and financial systems.

  • ICT & Digital Consulting

    Callida’s ICT Consulting practice works with government agencies to design, implement and manage innovative technological solutions to improve service delivery. We understand the pressure placed on public-service organisations to do more with less resources and have a proven track record in maximising return on technology investment.

  • Program, Project & Change Management

    Callida helps government agencies achieve the changes they need in a timeframe that delivers the required policy and citizen outcomes. We work with our clients to take a policy or improvement concept through to implementation – combining discipline and structure with a nimble, agile and pragmatic approach.

  • Strategic Sourcing

    Callida works with our government clients to optimise and manage all aspects of procurement and contract management.

  • Strategy & Operations Consulting

    Callida works with our government clients to provide a unique style of management consulting that combines first principles with experience based approaches. Our consultants apply evidence based, insight driven analysis to provide clarity and focus around complex issues to design valuable and sustainable entity capabilities.

  • Systems Accounting

    Callida delivers a wide range of expert systems accounting services to our public sector clients. We have a deep understanding of government and have a proven track record in helping agencies more effectively manage their data, processes and systems.

  • Volunteering Works

    Callida is also involved in wide range of Corporate Volunteering initiatives in partnership with Hands Across Canberra.

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