Policy & Programs

Policy & Program Delivery is a newly formed offering at Callida Consulting.

Our team provides the highest quality evidenced-based policy and program delivery support to deliver outcomes for our government and non-government clients. We have a partnership approach which is focused on supporting our clients to deliver outcomes for their organisation, through our understanding of the contemporary whole of government policy and operating environment, coupled with our unique skills and experience.

Our services include:

Program evaluation, implementation, review and delivery

  • Using best practice program evaluation and review processes, we measure the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs to determine whether policy objectives have been met, that resources are being spent and invested where and how they should be, and whether the program was, and still is, a good fit for the problem at hand.
  • We support program delivery – including implementation, problem solving, crisis response and surge support – to ensure our clients can meet objectives and deliver on policy intent. We provide tailored program delivery support drawing on public service expertise and capability.

Policy processes, support and development

  • Policy development ranges in breadth, complexity and sensitivity, and the processes through which policy is developed and approved can vary substantially. We provide tailored services for evidence-based policy development assistance, as well as support for policy processes and approval (NPP, Budget, Cabinet), to assist our clients deliver objectives and outcomes for Australia and its communities.

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