Costing & Pricing

Callida’s Costing & Pricing capability specialises in assisting Government organisations to understand and manage their underlying resources to deliver operational and policy outcomes.

Our approach focuses on delivering bespoke fit for purpose costing models which provide insightful analysis to inform decision making and assist agencies understand, manage and eliminate unnecessary costs and maintain efficient and effective operations in the delivery of their policy outcomes. Our solutions are tailored to align with individual agency needs, drawing from a multitude of best practice costing approaches and our team’s diverse technical and practical experience working across Government.

In particular, we specialise in:

  • government charging policy
  • operational and resource cost advice
  • funding and revenue reviews.

Our Costing & Pricing team have undertaking assignments which have:

  • provided high quality Charging Framework policy advice
  • increased the level of cost transparency and cost consciousness for all stakeholders, across both Government and non-Government sectors
  • identified areas for improved efficiency, productivity and responsiveness
  • promoted equity in the government charging space, whereby the recipients of a government activity bear its costs
  • analysed revenue options to improve current charging arrangements or establish new ones
  • advised upon current and scenario based funding arrangements
  • costed capability and resources for New Policy Proposals
  • provided business analytics associated with resources, costs and drivers
  • engaged successfully with central agencies on behalf of, or side by side with our clients.

Our services range from individual activity costing to whole of organisation resource and functional costing and include current state or whole-of-life capability and asset analysis and capital planning. We have deep, specialist expertise in the application of the Australian Government Charging Framework and can assist agencies throughout the planning, implementation and review of their charging arrangement lifecycle, including completion of Portfolio Charging Reviews.

Callida’s Costing & Pricing team and our approach are proven in the market. Our role is successfully supporting Commonwealth Organisations to resolve their unique operational and policy challenges.

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Lachlan Cotter