ICT & Digital

Callida’s ICT and Digital team works with organisations to support achievement of digital transformation objectives.

This is focussed on ensuring alignment between organisational strategy, ICT strategy, user and customer requirements and investment in technology, while ensuring the security of information and data.

We support our clients through:

Strategy and Architecture

  • Review and development of ICT strategies to support business achieving digital transformation objectives. This includes assessment of the current and future technology and business state, business requirements analysis, and strategy development. Our approach is product and solution agnostic, with a focus on identifying the needs of the organisation and its customers before identification of the technology.

Cyber Advisory and Assurance

  • Cyber advisory and assurance focussed on assisting organisations to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover from cyber threats. This includes implementation of ACSC cyber threat mitigation strategies, and assessment of compliance with internationally recognised standards such as ISO27001 and NIST 800 series publications. Our team works with our clients to plan, develop and establish risk mitigations across the cyber landscape, from governance through to cyber operations.

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Implementation of cyber supply chain risk management practices that identify, assess, and mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the use of products and services. This recognises the risk that the prevalence of new technologies and vendors across organisations introduces to an ICT ecosystem.

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