• Today's CFO: Finding the right fit

    The role of a CFO today is ever evolving, raising the important question of how do you know who to hire?

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  • Was your workshop a flop?

    Gaining and maintaining interest in a workshop, useful tips from one of Callida's experts in facilitating a workshop.

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  • Changing people, not documents

    We no longer think about risk treatments purely in terms of insurance. We think about enterprise risk management rather than just operational or ...

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  • Why it's important to build a company culture that supports employee wellbeing.

    Managing employee wellbeing and a culture that supports this has become a growing challenge for ...

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  • Callida is working with Government to achieve excellence.

    Every member of the Callida team has years of high-level, hands-on experience to enable them to make ...

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  • Attracting market leaders is about the environment and culture we provide.

    ‘The Future of Work’ is a hot topic in the business world at the moment, and something Callida ...

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