• Business continuity: Avoiding the avoidable

    There is a popular saying that is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “Failing to plan is ...

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  • How to create lasting organisational change

    Most public service organisations would like to create lasting organisational change, whether this ...

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  • Embracing Automation: Why the public-sector should transform commercial information systems

    The real risk when it comes to automation of upstream process is not doing it.

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  • Peak Performance: The evolution (and opportunity) of internal audit as a value add

    In recent years, one of the biggest shifts to take place in public sector compliance has been the ...

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  • Reaction: ISO 31000 Revision

    It’s finally here!  It’s been years in the making, but we finally have a revision to the 2009 ISO 31000 risk management standard.

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  • Project Management 2.0: Leading large-scale ICT projects in the age of digitisation

    Project management has transformed over the years from a task orientated approach to a dynamic ...

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  • Callida’s Corporate Volunteering Adds Value to the Belconnen Arts Centre

    Callida volunteers combine their expertise with the client’s vision to create more meaningful and ...

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  • The changing face of the public-sector CFO

    Digital transformation and the evolution of sophisticated technology has propelled the finance team ...

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