It’s day two of the CPA Congress in Canberra and with lots of sessions on finance fundamentals, we look back over a budgeting transformation project.

Callida’s financial management consultants have proven experience assisting government agencies to manage and develop budgeting and planning related functions, particularly where change management and improvement initiatives are required.

Our consultants were recently able to assist the CFO of a large department to transform its operational and capital budgeting and planning activities following a major machinery of government (MoG) change. This initiative was also in response to issues resulting from outdated processes and systems that were highly manual in nature and prone to error.

Some of the areas our consultants were able to drive business improvement in this area were:

  • Development of fully automated for monthly financial management reporting designed at multiple levels, including Executive Reporting.
  • Coordinating between capability development, governance, project teams and finance areas to assist the department to manage its investment portfolio within tight financial constraints.
  • Development and implementation of the quarterly internal budget review and the monthly underspend reprioritisation processes.
  • Detailed biannual review and prioritisation of investment proposals and business cases.
  • Management of the Movement of Funds (MoF) and Departmental Capital Budget (DCB) rollover processes.
  • Comprehensive analysis and tracking of movements in the budget estimates rounds, including re-forecasting and phasing of budgets.
  • Ongoing support for the department’s internal budget through its budget management system and associated budget registers and templates.

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