Why did you join Callida?

Callida values their consultants and allows them to control their own destiny.

“You can develop and continuously improve when working with Callida, the people you’re working with are all experienced professionals who have been in the industry for a long time.”

It’s a smaller environment, which means we can be agile with our client’s needs. They also value their consultants and recognise that to get the best out of a talented team they need to offer flexible working arrangements.

What stood out the most when you joined the team?

“Everyone in the business has been so supportive and welcoming, including making sure that my working arrangements also work for my family. They want to know who you are outside of work – this includes your family and getting to know all aspects of your life. They are happy for you to work autonomously, as long as you get your job done and deliver value for our clients.”

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