Meet Dannya Hu

Dannya Hu is a Principal Consultant at Callida Consulting. She enjoys helping organisations improve their approach to governance, particularly integrating risk management with decision-making, driving cultural change, and identifying and managing enterprise risks. She previously worked in a major Australian Government Department leading their risk and business continuity team.

  • What is your area of expertise?

    My area of expertise is primarily in risk management. I got into risk management to begin with because I thought what was out there could be improved – I found it kind of technical and not tailored, but I valued its importance and I thought I could help improve it from the inside.

  • What have you learnt since working in risk management?

    The purpose of risk management is not to manage risks after they happen, but to identify potential problems before they occur. I firmly believe this starts with the people, not policies. It’s about the behaviours of people and how they can include risk management into their day job.

    For some people, risk management seems a bit niche – it’s hard for people to link it up to being relevant to their day to day tasks. They understand the importance of it but treat it as a separate discipline to their role.


  • I’m focussed on helping organisations improve the way they think about risk. I believe we should have a people focussed view of risk management. You can have perfect processes and systems but if your people aren’t on board, you won’t get to where you want to be. But if your people are on board, even if your policies, processes and systems aren’t perfect, you’ll still get there.

  • Before joining the team, what did you like about Callida?

    Callida was working within my previous organisation to improve risk management. I was very impressed by their pragmatic approach to the project; it was informed by theory but not a slave to it.

  • What has surprised you most about working at Callida?

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Callida stands by what they say. They truly value their employees and have a fantastic culture that isn’t just written in their mission statement but practiced by every member of the team. As a consultant in Callida, you’re trusted and are able to shape things as the expert in your field.

  • What has been the biggest transition from public to private sector?

    The biggest difference is probably not having my own desk/office. Now I work from different locations. Granted it takes you a few extra minutes a day to set up and pack down – but the transition hasn’t been that hard. The only thing I will miss is my tea collection (people used to try to buy tea off me because of how much I had!) – I don’t know how to lug that around.

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