The Challenge

One of the challenges in any organisation is aligning strategic plans with on-going operation and change initiatives. The practice of Enterprise Architecture effectively bridges this gap by providing a ‘line of sight’ between the organisation’s strategy and their underlying business capabilities, covering people, processes and technologies.

Callida Consulting has been working with a Federal Government Agency to improve the maturity-level of its Enterprise Architecture practice to better guide investment decisions. The Client’s team faced two main challenges. Firstly, their actual role was not well understood and was viewed as a technical function that was a hindrance rather than a support mechanism for business decision making. Secondly, they did not have a detailed model of the organisation and its building blocks, limiting their ability to provide effective advice. This restricted the overall acceptance of the architecture practice.  Without executive level support, the Enterprise Architecture team did not have sufficient resources to build their capability, but without the capability they could not contribute effectively to the organisaton’s strategic goals.

The Solution

Callida was engaged to assist the architecture team gradually grow both their capability and reputation at a pace which allowed them to build understanding, engagement and confidence with the business teams.

  • Our initial engagement was to develop the Enterprise Architecture capability by creating a model for the agency capabilities and storing them in a repository for easy access. The model was based on an industry framework (TOGAF 9) that captured the strategies and business functions, together with its technology components (software, data and infrastructure).  We then linked these components for use by business areas to assess the impacts of change initiatives.
  • A communication plan was then developed that focused on the benefits of Enterprise Architecture to support investment decisions and change initiatives.
  • Our recent efforts have delivered enterprise non-functional requirements to inform business analysis work, and design patterns and decision frameworks to guide solution architects.

The Outcome

Since Callida’s involvement, the Enterprise Architecture team have become regularly involved in the change process at the planning and design stage for new initiatives.  The information captured in the repository informs strategic investment decisions, and the advice from the architecture team is now well regarded by the business areas and project teams.

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