A major government agency was in the process of a significant reinvention to transform the way it worked with customers, staff and stakeholders to drive improved outcomes. The changes were a necessary response to a changing macro-environment, higher community expectations and the government’s drive for productivity, efficiency and deregulation. The agency transformation was delivered via six strategic programs, one of which was the adoption of ‘Smarter Data’ capabilities.  As part of the engagement, the Smarter Data capabilities were redesigned to ensure the agency would be able to use data in smarter ways to drive better business decisions.


The engagement team used a capability-driven approach to define the critical capabilities required to support the agency’s goals and strategies and then develop a preliminary operating model to deliver the required outcomes. This included a full data analytics capability maturity model across the descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive spectrum. The new Smarter Data model was a whole of agency approach to risk assessment, intelligence, analytics, data management and technology. It aligned and prioritised data activities to corporate strategy and transformed all aspects of the client experience by introducing an integrated end-to-end client-centric approach across all touch points.

It also restructured the way staff and work were organised in an innovative manner to deliver a much more flexible and responsive arrangement.


The new Smarter Data model delivered wholesale transformation and delivering significant efficiencies, strengthening data capabilities, ensuring agility and enabling better connections with the rest of government. Significantly, the work helped the agency position its Smarter Data initiative as a transformation leader. It helped inform and guide other transformation programs and introduced new corporate approaches by paving the way for more evidence-based, analytics-driven initiatives.

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