The Challenge

Our client’s internal audit program was not functioning as efficiently or effectively as it needed to be. We needed to improve the client’s internal audit program to ensure that their resourcing, processes and control framework were optimised to help them achieve their objectives.

The Solution

Our role as the internal auditor has allowed us to provide insight and improvements to areas as diverse as ICT workforce planning, risk management, fraud control, WHS notices, responding to ANAO findings, debt management and overseas payments. Our role included:

  • Internal audit function involving the development of risk-based strategic and annual audit plans
  • Attendance and presentation of reports to the Audit and Risk Committee.
  • Internal audit delivery of a variety of performance, compliance, IT and financial audits as per the agreed Annual Internal Audit Plan, as well as fraud and risk management.

Callida also provided value-add services, including designing and delivering a practical risk management training package for managers and supervisors.

The Outcome

Our engagement gave us the opportunity to refine the client’s internal audit function during a time of considerable change, improving governance, guidance, reporting and monitoring. This has resulted in a more streamlined, informative and trusted internal audit function throughout the agency. Specific improvements include:

  • A strengthened cost recovery model with streamlined administration.
  • Decommissioning of an unnecessary authorisations process system.
  • devising a solution to stop the manipulation of payroll files
  • A pilot project to ensure authorisation inspections are scheduled and followed up appropriately.
  • The establishment of segregation of duties and quality assurance procedures to ensure general IT controls operated sufficiently.
  • The provision of several options to management to improve or reconfigure their credit card processes.

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