The Challenge

A Federal Government client commissioned an initiative in 2016 to simplify its engagement with industry and foster greater innovation in the sector. This initiative was in response to government policy to further strengthen Australian industry to become a prominent exporter of products and services in a globally competitive market.

Callida Consulting was engaged to assist in establishing a fit-for-purpose customer relationship and case management system based on the Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM platforms.  The key challenge was to establish an operational capability within a short three months of the policy announcement.  The capability required the people, processes and enabling technologies to be in place within this tight timeframe.

To deliver the project within the desired timeframe, the project team traversed through the agency-prescribed ICT development methodology and negotiated the shortest path to delivery without compromising quality.

The Solution

Callida adopted a pragmatic approach to ensure that the base operating capability was delivered within the required timeframe.  This was achieved by:

  • Documenting and prioritising requirements;
  • Negotiating an implementation plan with short, medium and long-term delivery timeframes;
  • Working closely with the client and the system integrator to specify the requirements and perform design reviews;
  • Establishing a rigorous testing regiment to ensure that the functionality delivered was secure and of high quality;
  • Adopting training as a mechanism for continuous engagement with the users to build confidence and identify any functionality gaps early.
  • Addressing the security, scalability, governance and on-going maintenance of cloud-hosted solutions.

The Outcome

The system has been successfully delivered within the required timeframe and has enabled the client to better collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders. The system is in the early stage of implementation and already has hundreds of registered users, including external stakeholders.  Callida is now assisting the client plan the future development of the system.

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