Callida is engaged by a significant Commonwealth Department to provide an embedded team to provide strategic procurement services. The procurements Callida are responsible for are high risk, high value, complex and strategic procurements.

Callida’s responsibilities spanned the full procurement life cycle, including contract management.


Callida manage this engagement by:

  • Providing dedicated procurement and financial subject matter experts to develop appropriate procurement strategies, approach to market documentation and manage end-to-end procurement processes;
  • Consulting closely with relevant internal stakeholders (e.g. procurement, legal and operational Departmental personnel) to develop the best approach to develop procurement strategies, approach to market documentation and other procurement documentation;
  • Identifying areas for improvement in procurements using lessons learnt from existing contracts and previous procurement activities and applying these to current procurements to enable best practice;
  • Conducting pre Approach to Market activities such as market scans or providing baseline cost analytics and advice;
  • Approaching the Market;
  • Conducting evaluations and negotiations to derive the best contracted outcomes and overall Value for Money for the Department and the Commonwealth;
  • Transitioning good and/or services between prior and current contractual arrangements;
  • Providing contract management services for some of the most significant value contracts in the Commonwealth, thus ensuring Value for Money is retained and enhanced though the procurement life cycle.


As an embedded and trusted Service Provider, Callida has been able to achieve the Department’s desired procurement outcomes through end-to-end procurement management, ensuring ongoing provision of its critical deliverables.

As part of its ongoing procurement activities, Callida has facilitated the Department to leverage external Commonwealth contractual arrangements including a contract transition of a high risk and high value contract to another large Commonwealth Department, enabling best procurement practice.

In addition to this, the Department was able to achieve improvement and efficiencies in the management of its existing panel arrangements.

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