Our client was effected by Machinery of Government changes which mandated a departmental merger. In preparation for meeting the Government strategic direction to transfer its operation, our client recognised the need to retain corporate knowledge – this would be critical for its core functions. It also identified the opportunity to streamline its business processes to ensure they were more efficiently managed.


Callida mapped our client’s core business processes, supported by standard operating procedures (SOPs), including the clear definition of roles and responsibilities.

We used an industry standard methodology for mapping – BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) and Callida’s proven methodology for documenting procedures. Each stage of the engagement was overlaid with project management, quality assurance and inclusive stakeholder consultation to ensure the most optimal outcome.

The current state processes were documented in two components. Firstly, we created a visual process map which depicted the flow of key activities and the associated roles; secondly, a process description, which included the role of each person within the respective process. This enabled the Callida team to precisely understand how the work was being completed so they could identify and map out improvements to the workflow and processes to drive efficiencies.


The use of proven methodologies for documenting procedures fast tracked the engagement and created a critical knowledge retention asset for the merged department. Our client was able to leverage the SOPs to drive and improve the efficiency of its core functions and processes.

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