Our client was seeking assistance to develop and document its business processes starting with those that were considered core or, rather critical to their operation.  They identified 21 critical processes that needed to be mapped in the initial stage.

The aim of this process documentation was to raise the level of understanding about how business functions were currently being done within the organisation and also to build and retain their corporate knowledge for the longer term.

It was thought that this ‘As Is’ process documentation would be later used to develop the new streamlined, ‘To Be’ processes.  However, that was not within the scope of this project.


We agreed at the start of this project that the documentation for the 21 critical processes would contain two elements: (1) process map, and (2) supporting process description.

The key features of our approach were as follows:

  • Knowledge retention – The process documentation helped raise awareness and understanding about how the critical businesses were being undertaken. This was key in order to help retain the corporate knowledge.
  • Process improvement – The ‘As Is’ processes were documented in a manner that would aid the identification of improvements.
  • Stakeholder engagement – We worked closely with all key business owners through a number of workshops and interviews. Effectively engaging with all relevant stakeholders was crucial to the quality of the process documentation and its on-going maintenance.
  • Adaptable and scalable – We adjusted the approach to ensure the ‘right fit’ depending on the complexity level of different processes.
  • Tried and tested – Having undertaken similar exercises for other clients, we were able to share our experience and templates to fast-track this project.


During the project, it was announced that this particular client was about to merge into another, larger agency due to Machinery of Government changes.

The documentation developed by Callida ensured a smooth transition for all business functions into the new agency structure.

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