A government department needed to implement cost recovery for an ongoing regulatory activity in a highly sensitive industry sector. It needed to cost its activities, develop fees and levies, implement legislation and consult on the new arrangements with its stakeholders.

Callida was engaged to undertake the costing process, develop pricing options and document the new arrangements in a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for consultation.


The Callida team developed a project plan to help the department to understand its deliverables and deadlines. The team factored in consultation with process owners, as understanding the costs of the activities and outputs is one of the building blocks of the costing model.

At the same time, the team liaised with the Charging Policy team at the Department of Finance, to ensure that acceptance of the model and draft CRIS could be obtained in a timely fashion to enable the consultation process to commence as planned.


The completed CRIS documented a robust costing and charging model that transparently presents the efficient costs of undertaking the regulatory activities. This is a key focus of the Cost Recovery policy and the Australian Government’s Charging Framework. The CRIS provides a baseline to enable the Department to review its own charges and costs as a part of maintaining a compliant cost recovered activity.

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