Working in a challenging operational and political environment, our client was facing significant concerns with their contract management practice. Organisational change and staff movement had also impacted the retention of knowledge management and responsibility for contracts. The Department faced significant scrutiny from organisations such as the ANAO due to the risks posed to the Commonwealth because of these circumstances. Callida was engaged to implement better practice contract management and triage and redress current issues.


Callida identified two key actions to address these challenges:

Firstly, we developed the Callida Contract Management Framework, which facilitates the implementation of best practice contract management. The Framework provided the Department with a consistent practice approach to effectively manage any contract, regardless of its size, complexity or its provision of goods or services.  It also provided a capability framework to guide our client on the skills, competencies and qualifications required by contract management practitioners – from the most junior of levels, right through to SES Band 2 officers.


At the same time, the team triaged and redressed urgent issues relating to the most significant or high risk contracts under management. Working closely with our client, we implemented work practices that included the development of tools and procedures for the organisation to practice effective contract management and achieve value for money outcomes for the Commonwealth.


The contract management framework delivered our client a sustainable solution that significantly improved core capabilities and processes. Our client now achieves value for money, through holding each contracted entity to account, achieved through pragmatic and proactive contract management practices. These practices also mean the Department now receives praise, rather than criticism from both internal and external scrutiny bodies.

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