A large government department was experiencing significant issues measuring and managing the performance of its service operations. This was negatively impacting the pursuit of customer service excellence, workforce productivity and programme outcomes. The key problem was that its current system measured lag performance. As the department was also experiencing low levels of customer satisfaction and workforce productivity, Callida was engaged to review and replace its service management performance model.


The Callida team used first-principles methodology to map out multiple drivers of service delivery and their relationship with each other. We used this to develop a balanced set of performance measures, including lead and lag indicators, that provided the department with the performance levers it required to drive improved performance. We then developed a multi-factor predictive performance management model to ensure the performance levers were optimally captured. This included undertaking a full data integrity stock-take of their existing measures and reports, which was captured in a data dictionary. Once the stock-take was complete, options for new measure and data improvement priorities were determined and a user-friendly reporting dashboard was designed.


Our new predictive performance management tool has fundamentally improved our client’s service delivery performance. It has created a step-change in the ability of the department to access timely and trusted performance information to better inform decision-making and understand likely future performance. Critically, it has provided our client with a connected, department-wide view of predictive performance drivers and full transparency into cost-to-serve; workload and workforce management; timeliness and quality of services; productivity; process efficiency; customer satisfaction; government confidence and staff satisfaction.

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