One of the Commonwealth’s most crucial Departments manage a suite of diverse and disparately located contracts. These contracts provide important day to day services for Australians, across all parts of the country.

Contract Performance information from this suite of contracts is used to inform important Strategic Management Reporting within the Department, but is hard to coordinate because of the disparate nature of the contracted services, lack of automated ongoing data collection, as well as reliance on information from other Government agencies. The process of data collection and reporting collation took up to six weeks to complete, and was not contemporary by the time it was utilised for strategic decision making.


Callida approached this assignment by:

  • Meeting relevant stakeholders to confirm the project approach, outcomes sought and project governance requirements;
  • Utilising our Contract Management Healthcheck to work with Contract Managers to evaluate Contract Management practice effectiveness applied to this suite of contracts;
  • Mapping current data collection and consolidation practices to understand current process;
  • Designing and presenting an automation prototype which automates the collection of data, the construction of dashboard reporting and publication of reports.


Callida successfully delivered the automation prototype, which was well received by the Department. Implementation is currently being considered to automate this and other contract information across the Department.

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