Our client realised that many of their departmental procedural documents did not align to their Accountable Authority Instructions (AAI’s) and were no longer fit for purpose. These outdated documents exposed our client to both compliance and operational risk. The documents needed to be realigned to comply with Public Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013.


The Callida team began with an extensive audit of the redundant documents to review the context and framework in which they were to exist. This was followed by a close evaluation of the subject matter of each document, which included the forensic examination and documentation of existing procedures. The team then devised methods to comprehensively improve the procedures to achieve agreed outcomes, documenting the final procedures in a standard operating procedure document (SOP).


The redesigned procedural documents delivered homogenous practice across the department which ensured compliance with PGPA legislative requirements. The refreshed procedural methodology also delivered enhanced workflow processes which significantly boosted the operative efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

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