• The Elephant in the Workplace - Mental Health

    More people call Lifeline on Sunday evenings than any other time.

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  • Project Management 2.0: Leading large-scale ICT projects in the age of digitisation

    Project management has transformed over the years from a task orientated approach to a dynamic leader who can succeed in ambiguity, Rob McGorm explains why...

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  • Callida’s Corporate Volunteering Adds Value to the Belconnen Arts Centre

    Callida volunteers combine their expertise with the client’s vision to create more meaningful and productive outcomes.

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  • What is the Girls Leadership Network

    Sian Rinaldi is a key member of The Girls Leadership Network leadership team.

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  • Canberra Business and Volunteering ACT – Business and community making a difference

    Driving corporate volunteering in our business.

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  • The changing face of the public-sector CFO

    Digital transformation and the evolution of sophisticated technology has propelled the finance team into the world of strategy and changed the role of public sector CFO's.

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  • Today's CFO: Finding the right fit

    The role of a CFO today is ever evolving, raising the important question of how do you know who to hire?

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  • Callida’s own appointed as Vice Chairman to YCA

    Nafiz Azman has been appointed to Vice Chairman of the ACT Young Chartered Accountants (YCA) ...

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