Program, Project and Change Management

Callida’s Program, Project and Change Management services is focused on assisting government deliver the right changes within a timeframe that delivers the required policy and citizen outcomes. Government is our primary client so it makes sense that our practice understands government and is experienced in delivery, from policy idea through to the realisation of citizen benefits. Our practice is designed to:

• Take a policy or improvement concept/idea through to implementation and embedding into normal operations
• Establish the right balance of discipline and structure without losing the agility and flexibility to adapt to changing environment
• Deliver the right outcomes

Whether it is a programme, portfolio, project or change, it’s not the label that defines the way in which it should be managed! We believe in pragmatic application of the necessary capabilities from the full spectrum of management disciplines, there is no predefined formula, just management patterns that better fit certain situations. The suitability of these patterns comes from experience of which we have plenty.

The human factors of delivering changes are also contained in these patterns and are commonly overlooked or added on as an afterthought. For Callida, people are at the start of any change and are given the same level of focus and attention as any other element of a change, right through to the end (whenever that may be determined).

We also provide all the standard portfolio, programme, project and change management services including:
• Portfolio, Programme and Project Office design, development and operations
• Planning and scheduling
• Governance and control
• Risk and Issues management
• Capability maturity assessment and Improvement
• Review and remediation
• Portfolio, Programme, Project and Change Management Assurance

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current or future delivery challenges and how we can assist in successfully overcoming them. Contact us to arrange a discussion.