Financial Management

Callida’s Financial Management consultants have proven experience assisting government agencies manage their accounting and finance related requirements. Callida has expertise in a broad range of consulting areas including financial accounting, management accounting, internal and external budgeting, costing and financial systems.
We have a proven track record in delivering financial consulting services to government including:
• External Reporting – Financial Statements and Budgets
• Internal Management Accounting
• Systems Accounting
• Costing and Forecasting
• Financial Viability Assessment
• Financial Governance
Our consultants are established Financial Management practitioners with a solid track record in advising government agencies. Callida’s Financial Management consultants are degree qualified and have attained post graduate qualifications – either Institute of Chartered Accountants membership (CA) or Certified Practicing Accountant membership (CPA).

If you would like to talk to Callida about our Financial Management services please contact the partners at